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Emerson™ discrete valve control and position sensing technology provides absolute assurance in the most challenging applications by increasing process efficiency, profitability and success. TopWorx™ and GO™ Switch product brand solutions support more intelligent and efficient process management and control under the most demanding conditions while providing higher reliability, cost savings and less down time.


Discrete Valve Controllers

A complete line of valve controllers for every protocol, application and environment. A leader in valve position indication with global and regional certifications to fulfill the needs in a wide range of industries.


GO™ Switch

TopWorx GO™ Switches are a long lasting, ultra-dependable alternative to mechanical limit switches and inductive proximity sensors for critical applications. GO Switches provide reliable, maintenance-free monitoring for critical applications.


Magnetic Target Switch

TopWorx™ Magnetic Target Switch - MTS is a magnetic, target-actuated, barrel-style switch designed to deliver trusted performance and outstanding value in applications ranging from standard industrial to extreme-duty.


Smart Valve Positioner

The PD Series Smart Valve Positioner provides precise valve feedback combined with complete control of the valve position, while maintaining plant efficiency and safety in any process application, whether Hazardous or General Purpose.